About Us

Who We Are

The Film and Broadcast Coalition is a collaboration of film and broadcast teachers dedicated to advancing the teaching of communication through story.

Born out of the success of the Utah High School Film Festival, the Film and Broadcast Coalition, or FBC, was developed to meet the increasing demands of continued growth throughout the state of Utah. The FBC serves as the governing body for the two major showcases of student work – the Utah High School Film Festival and the newly created Broadcast Awards.

Additionally, the FBC aims to be the go-to resource for film, radio, and broadcasting teachers throughout the world, providing valuable teaching and education materials that not only promote sound technical practices, but that also develop media literate students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the resource for students to showcase, network, and receive important critique of their work and instruction to improve. Additionally, we aim to provide teachers with the resources they need to more effectively teach as well as build their respective programs.

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The Film & Broadcast Coalition is education centered, focusing on teaching students to tell effective stories well. Teachers can access the resources they need to both effectively teach their students and build their respective programs.