Competition Rules

General Guidelines:

The Film & Broadcast Coalition (FBC) offers events that focus on educating students in the fundamental skills, processes, and principles of effective filmmaking and broadcasting. This includes the competitive aspect of both the Broadcast Awards and the Utah High School Film Festival. The FBC places value on the truths revealed through the experiences, conflicts, joys and disappointments we all experience and encourage student filmmakers to relate these through meaningful stories.

Creative video productions that are entered into the Broadcast Awards and/or Utah High School Film Festival should reveal skill, imagination, creativity and understanding of effective storytelling principles. Although the FBC is open to diverse interpretations of the human experience, we will accept for competition only those productions that avoid being gratuitously or explicitly violent, obscene or overtly sexual. Likewise, contest entries should avoid showing anyone involved in risky, questionable, or illegal activities without also examining the outcomes, ramifications or consequences of those activities.

1. Content

Teachers/Advisers are responsible for the content of each entry; do not submit anything that you feel goes against the following content rules:

  • Drugs & Alcohol: Don’t show or glamorize explicit drug use, tobacco or alcohol consumption in any way by making it look desirable, cool, or good.
  • Violence: Gratuitous violence is not accepted, which includes, but isn’t limited to excessive blood, showing a character being killed, or any other graphic violence. Any violence (i.e., fighting, use of a gun or other weapon, explosions involving characters, etc.) in a production must be an integral part of the story.
  • Sex: Sexual references, innuendo, and dramatization is not accepted. Non-passionate kissing is accepted.
  • Profanity: Don’t use any profanity or vulgarity whatsoever.

We acknowledge that all possible scenarios for inappropriate content can’t be covered here. However, all entries should not exceed a PG rating and should follow state “safe school” policies.

2. Obey Copyright Laws

We strongly encourage strict adherence to current copyright laws, fair use guidelines, and creative commons attributions. It is highly recommended that when music is used in a production, royalty-free and/or creative commons music be utilized. If using creative commons music, please ensure that your are properly attributing the work to it’s creator.

It’s the responsibility of the student producer(s) and their teacher/adviser to ensure proper use of music in their production(s). If, for whatever reason a video is blocked by YouTube or other video sharing site, it is the responsibility of the student and/or teacher to remedy the issue, otherwise the submission will not be judged. For additional copyright information, please visit this site.

Additionally, plagiarism is not accepted. Each video should be an original work. Do not “remake” a video exactly as it appears. Do not submit a re-edited version of a video that you didn’t shoot.

3. Video Submission

Each school is allowed to submit two (2) videos per category, except in the case of the “6 Sec. Comedy” in which schools are allowed to submit five (5) videos, any sponsored category in which the sponsoring entity will determine the limit, and the “Demo Reel” category, in which schools may enter more than two.

All entries must be submitted by the associated Submission Deadline. Late entries will not be accepted. Entries for the 2018 Festival competitions should be uploaded to YouTube or related site and will be submitted via the FBC website by a FBC registered teacher/adviser.

Each entry must keep within the respective category time limits. Entries exceeding the time limitations will be disqualified. The time of a video is defined by its entire length, including any pre- or post-roll (countdowns, credits, black space, etc.).

Do not submit the same video to multiple categories, otherwise considered “double-dipping”. Videos submitted to the Movie Trailer category are allowed to be cut from a video submitted to the Short Film category. We also understand that some of the same footage used in other videos may appear in a submission to the Demo Reel category. This doesn’t constitute “double-dipping”.

4. Teacher/Adviser Participation

Teachers/Advisers must not participate in any way on students’ entries other than in a strictly advisory capacity. Each entry should be considered a “final” and not a “teaching/learning” activity. Teachers are primarily responsible for the submission of videos, including the timing, content and accuracy of information associated each entry. If, for whatever reason a student submits a video without the knowledge of their teacher/adviser, the respective teacher/adviser will be notified and will have final say as to whether or not the video will be considered.

5. Competition Participation and Fees

Each school must pay the School Registration Fee (BAs – $50; UHSFF – $25) no later than the associated Registration Deadline in order for their respective submissions to be considered during the judging process. Failure to pay this fee will result in all respective submissions being disqualified.

Students and/or teachers/advisers may decide to attend the event(s), in which each participant must pay the Participant Fee (BAs – $10; UHSFF – $15) no later than the associated Registration Deadline. While students and teachers/advisers may still attend the event(s) without paying the Participant Fee, they will not be able to participate in the raffle, get a t-shirt, or any of the provided food at the event.