Utah High School Film Festival

Festival Date: April 24, 2018
Submission Deadline: 8:00pm on April 10, 2018

Every April, students from around the state gather to view, recognize, and celebrate the very best of student-produced film. Additionally, both students and teachers alike are able to participate in various workshops to build their skill sets and their passion for storytelling through film.[/three_fourth]

6 Sec. Comedy
6 sec.

In this Vine-like category, make us laugh in exactly 6 seconds.

48 hr. Shootout
Up to 5 min.

Get your friends and plan, shoot, and edit a video in just 2 days! The topic and requirements will be published in April 2016 via our Facebook Page.

Addiction Prevention PSA | More Info
30-60 sec.

The theme for 2018 is “Bold”. This theme is intended to encompass both prevention and recovery because abstaining in the first place and fighting your way back to sobriety in the second place both require strength of character. Sponsored by the Children’s Friend Foundation.

Up to 2 min.

Tell a story using your animation skills. This includes stop motion, Flash animations, computer or hand-drawn animations.

Avant-Garde Film
Up to 2 min.

Experimental film makes conscious use of the materials of cinema in a way that calls attention to the medium. It doesn’t try to offer a linear story and encourages multiple interpretations. In essence, it draws attention to the “form” of a film (i.e., the editing, camera work, lighting, etc.)

Up to 2 min.

What do you think is funny? Tell a humorous story that will have everyone rolling on the floor!

Up to 8 min.

This is an engaging, in-depth, non-fiction look at an event, person, place or thing. No “mock-umentaries.”

NEW! Films About Homelessness
Up to 3 min.

Create a film depicting the impact of local homelessness issues. This could include, but isn’t limited to its affect on society, families, the individual, etc. The film may follow any style, including documentary or narrative, live action or animation, etc. Submissions must include releases for talent and any music used must be legally obtained and provide licenses. For more info contact Fourth Street Clinic.

Highlight Reel
Up to 3 min.

Create a highlight reel of any person, place or thing in or out of school. You may not use game/coaches film or Rocky music (i.e., Eye of the Tiger). This doesn’t include “Demo Reels”.

Demo Reel
Up to 3 min.

A demo reel is a real-world presentation that showcases your talents and skills to potential employers. Put together a demo reel of your best work in an engaging and professional way. This should be YOUR work, whether it be what you’ve filmed, edited, colored, etc.

Lyric Video/Motion Typography
Up to 3 1/2 min.

Create a “lyric video” that showcases the lyrics of a song, speech, or quote in a creative way. While the emphasis is on animated text, there may be some live action shots included. Click here for an example.

Movie Trailer
Up to 2 1/2 min.

Create an engaging movie trailer that tells the most important parts of a story. Could be a stand alone project or a trailer for an actual movie you’re creating. You may submit a trailer for a film that is also submitted to the short film or documentary categories.

Music Video
Up to 3 1/2 min.

Create a music video to your favorite song, or better yet, your own song. Often times, great music videos tell great stories and are entertaining.

Your video should, in some way, recognize the music. Whether through lip syncing or playing instruments or some other way, the music must be recognized.

Short Film
Up to 5 min.

A short film must tell a story. Thing beginning, middle, end, climax, denouement. “Mock-umentaries” can be entered in this category.